I am in the supermarket to buy the last groceries for Christmas. 
At some point I hear someone calling my name: 'Ha Car...'. 
The voice sounds familiarly, well-known, even though I don't know yet to whom the voice belongs to. I turn around and look into the face of a man who is about 30 years old. I don't recognize him.
He sees from my eyes that there is no recognition and he says: 'Car, you know who I am, right?' 
I say: 'No, I don't recognize you..., I don't know who you are.'
While this exchange is going on, a picture of him from years ago appears before my mind's eye. Oh, it's Klaas...
Klaas says, 'It's me, Klaas.' 
'Yes, now I recognize you, I say, you have changed a lot. Your hair is different, another model..., and you have glasses and a red spot in your face that I haven't seen before..., and your whole appearance is different...' 'Yes, that's right', he says. 
I ask: 'How are you?' 
'Things are going well, he says. I have a different job since a few months, I am now a salesperson at an office.'
'You don't mean that, I say, that is really awesome.' 
'Yes, he says, I am finally gone as a salesman in a clothing shop.' 
And he talks about the change, the office, the colleagues, a big deal that he has managed to get in, the appreciation he received from his collegues and boss... 
And from that point on tears start to roll down my cheeks while Klaas is sharing his experiences. At some point, Klaas asks somewhat uncomfortable: 'What is happening in you, Car, do you have to cry? 
Are you crying for Simone?' (Simone is our daughter who died in the summer of 2016). 'No, I say, I'm not crying for Simone..., I'm so happy for you..., I feel so much thankfulness..., it feels like a blessing of the sky, a gift of existence that brought you and the company together..., and you are the right person for that job, I see you realizing those deals, you have all the qualities for it...,it feels so great for you..., I know you've wanted a change for a couple of years, you wanted to grow, go further, leave the branch of the clothing industry. I know that you have made efforts to develop yourself, but that the result didn't come true. I know your situation sometimes felt hopeless for you... as if you were forever tied to the job you had in the clothing store. And then to receive this message from you, after not having spoken to you for about 7 years..., yes, then I just feel love and gratitude..., I can feel what this change means to you...'
Klaas looks at me..., he is touched by my tears and words. He spreads his arms and I receive his invitation for a hugh. 
'Thank you, Klaas says, yes..., I am also very happy with this change..., you have felt that well Car, and expresses exactly how it is for me. And so we stand together in the supermarket, in each other's arms, while the tears flow in silence...
Wonderful... when the heart is open...

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