Justice: What would you do if ...?

"Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and do what your heart is telling you."

Tell me what you would do? 
You walk on the street and you see an old woman being robbed by a man. What are you doing? Are you going for it? Do you stop that man? 
It is not right that an old grandmother is being robbed, is it? 
Then you have to intervene as a human being, right? 
You will not let that happen, right? says the one I speak during a meeting. So you intervene, he says, you go to that man, you give a few blows and pull that bag off him, which he just stole, but during the fight he falls badly on the street and becomes paralyzed..., what is justice then? Is it fair that the person who stood up for the grandmother is arrested? You have to do something when you see that happen, right? Then you can't help it that the other guy falls badly?

What would you do if you are placed in such a situation? he says to me. 

Before I can answer, he comes up with a following situation. 
Imagine that a woman is raped before your eyes. That is very intense, isn't it? If she is raped, she will be traumatized throughout her life, she has to go in therapy, because she no longer dares to walk alone... So you go for it, you will not let it happen, right?
You stop the man and give him a few punches.
Then the police come and they arrest you, I can't understand that... that's unjust? You have to intervene if you see something like that happening in front of you. 

What would you do in such a situation, he says to me, I am really curious about that.
I feel the dilemma of what he outlines about justice... 
Well, I say, it is not so simple... Yeh, what is justice? 
No idea, I say.
But what would you do in such a situation, he says. 
I really don't know, I say. I really don't know what I would do at such a time. Maybe I would intervene, maybe not. I can't give you the answer right NOW. If I answer NOW to that question, then that answer comes from the mind (a virtual reality that says nothing about Life itself). 
The answer that I give is conceived, it comes from the mind, it doesn't say anything about what actually unfolds when I am confronted with such a situation, so what is the use of answering this question? 
Every situation is different, even if it seems the same (grandmother being robbed), so the reaction to such a situation is unique. 

How can I predict in advance what the reaction of me will be? 
No idea..., apart from what is right or wrong..., because what is justice? Justice is a subjective fact: it is just how you look at it. 
Do you look at justice from the victim's glasses? Or from the perpetrator's glasses? Or from the eyes of the police and Justice?

And what if you wouldn't wear any glasses? What if you perceive reality as it is, without assumptions. What do you see then?

Some time ago, my partner came across a situation as described above.
I will describe it below.

He walks into the hall of the station and a man comes out, who seems to have stolen some clothes out of the shop (the alarm bell went off). 
The ladies of the shop walked behind the man to stop him. Coincidentally, at that moment my partner just passed the shop and before he knew it, he is facing the 'thief'. 
And..., what happened? I said to my partner. 
The 'thief' started yelling at me. 
What did he say? 
He said: Well, pull your weapon then? 
I say: You don't mean that, and then, how did you react? 
My husband said: I have no weapon (and he looked straight in the eyes of the 'thief'). And then? I said. 
The 'thief' shouted to me again: Well, grab your gun then? 
To which my husband once again said to the 'thief': I have no weapon, just look... (he rubbed his coat and pointed to his pockets, no weapon). 
At that moment this experience ended for my partner, the railway police had arrived and took the 'thief' with them. And my partner continued on his way home. Did you expect that you would react like that? I said. No, it just happened... His answer resonates..., and we think we can determine our reaction in advance... Were you afraid when the 'thief' yelled at you? Well, I felt a bit of fear, and yet I stopped...
Who or what determined that he remained standing on that spot? 

Who or what determines what happens at such a moment? 

Is there an 'I' that determines and can think in advance what you are going to do on such a moment? Or does Life determine what your reaction will be, Life that flows through you?

Quite often my children ask me: what should I do if... And then they outline a certain future situation (perhaps this study is too difficult for me, what do I have to do then?). 
And often my answer is: you are ahead of a situation that doesn't exist NOW, you are already busy with a future that isn't, a future that you don't know..., so what's the point of getting there already..., if the situation arises, trust that an answer will unfold, an answer that is right for you. 
More and more the children comprehend what I indicate. 
Yes, Mom, that's true..., I'm already worried about a future that isn't there. It's just like that, I say.

Go where you heart takes you. Follow your inner voice. 

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