Inner voice.

Inner voice

In my work I meet many people who find the opinion of others very important and therefore they don’t know what they want. They often ask for advice from family, friends or acquaintances, hoping to find an answer to a decision that needs to be made. The confusion is growing when different opinions and advice are given. You become entangled in all pros and cons, and you don’t know what to do. 

Listening or asking for the opinion of others always comes from uncertainty. You reach out to the outside world for an answer, because you aren’t in tune with the inner voice: please tell me what to do, because I can't decide by myself. 

You don’t realize yet that nobody can tell you which decision is the right one. The only one who knows is YOU. After all the opinions of others, you try to figure it all out, but your head is not exactly the instrument to tell you what the inner voice indicates. 

The answer is in the heart, but if you don’t know what your heart tells you, how do you know what to do? 

Or do you know what the inner voice tells you, but are you afraid of the consequences of your decision? Because you fear the opinions of others or it leads to feelings of loneliness or otherwise. 

Consciousness coaching offers support in discovering your inner voice, your true self. We investigate what you encounter in yourself,  all the contradictions and beliefs that play a role in the matter. You discover that everything is allowed to see the light, you don’t have to hold back anything for yourself, if you do, you will never discover the inner voice. Share your deepest feelings, thoughts and fears, see the convictions that play a role… and then in the middle of not knowing you feel/discover what the inner voice is telling you.
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