The key to happiness is within yourself.

Consciousness coaching aims to bridge the gap between what has awakened in us spiritually in insights and realization and its actual embodiment in our daily lives.
Consciousness coaching is intended for people who really want to take on the challenges of life, so that what has become clear, not only remains a beautiful, mental realization, but is also actually converted into the practice of Life itself.

The transition that we as humans, in this time frame in which we live, are allowed to make is the transition from mind/ego (based on fear and lack) to Heart: self-love, love for existence, connection with everything and everyone, openness, the flow.

True liberation can only be realized from within and in the practice of life itself.

People who use consciousness coaching have discovered that liberation does not lie in another partner/work or larger home, although this does not mean that at any point in our lives there can be a farewell to partner, job etc. Somewhere, deep inside, we know very well that we can still feel unfulfilled if we 'have' everything we desire (partner, friends, home, job etc.). Because fulfillment can ultimately only be realized from within.

Those of us who realize this often follow a spiritual path to come home to the Self.
And actually this sentence doesn't make sense (coming home to the Self), because we are already home, but we don't realize it, because we have identified ourselves with the mind (the emotional/mental plane) and the ego (the identification with a 'I'). It is this identification with the mind/ego that causes so much suffering, individually and collectively.

Some manifestations of identification with the mind and the ego are: fear, shortage, sense of failure, inner struggle, feeling of inferiority/superiority, conflict, war, misunderstandings, unrest, tension, emptiness and addictions that covers the feelings of emptiness and loneliness etc.
By identifying with the mind, with the ego, we see ourselves as separated from existence, from ourselves and the other. This separateness means that we experience a void deep inside, a shortage, without being able to properly understand what this pain is about.
And it is this pain that causes us to look for solutions in the outside world, until we discover that nothing from the outside world can take away the feeling of emptiness, lack, loneliness and alienation. And then man is ripe for a spiritual path that is aimed at liberation from within.

A spiritual path brings us home to our true Nature where Love, Connection, Strength, Creativity, Wisdom and Silence is the perfume of. Being at home means total relaxation, we live in surrender with existence, we are one with existence; the fictitious sense of separateness has been broken.

Recognizing and realizing our true Nature leads to challenges in everyday life.
During our journey to liberation and the phase of integration of our true Nature, we are placed before many tests. It is never about the situations themselves, although we often think so, but about what takes place in us during these challenges. Are we present (is our being 'on') or are we taken over by the (survival) structure, by ingrained reaction patterns? Do we dare to be authentic, show our color or do we adapt? Are we truthful and do we openly share what is true for us deep inside or do we withhold information? Are we guided by the voice of the heart (and what does that voice say?) or are we guided by beliefs we cling to because letting go feels threatening? Are we lived by what should and should not or do we follow the flow from within, even if that may lead to disapproval. So we are all challenged to live from within what has been realized on a deep level. The essence, the source of Love and Truth wants to express and experience itself in the practice of Life itself (beyond fixed thinking, beyond all conceptions, which we have been given by society, religion and education). And every spiritual path eventually leads to letting go and surrender...

So, as long as we are not fully awakened, we regularly become entangled in the mind, whereby we see reality not as it really is, but through a lens of images emanating from the mind. We then lack 'sight', a correct perspective, because pulling forces, pain patterns and blind spots from the mind determine our action or inaction. For example, we are so convinced that we are right that we do not see that we are reacting from a pain pattern.

Awakening from the dream state, from the identification with the mind and the ego, requires insight and courage, because we have to rebel against our (survival) structure, which can mean, for example, that we don't act in accordance with the expectations of others, because it isn't in harmony with our heart.

During our journey we also experience moments or periods of confusion and fear or powerlessness, when the 'I' crumbles and our apparent grip and security of an identity (this is me) is questioned: we no longer know who we are. A great starting point to experience the openness of Life itself (what we are), but the mind feels tension, uncertainty and wants to take the helm again.

The path to awakening requires us to face our shadow side so that it can melt into the Light of our true Nature. Consciousness coaching provides insight into the manifestations of identification with the 'I' and the shadow. Forms of expression that we often do not see, as well as their consequences in everyday life. From insight it is possible to rebel against the structure, to encounter underlying pain patterns, which then fade out in the Light of our true Nature (Awareness).

And for the keen reader: in essence we are Nature, our true Nature suggests that there are two, that there is an I and Nature, which is not the case. We are Life itself. Living in and from the Light means total relaxation, in surrender with existence. The flow of Life guides us...and a deep calm descends on us...Home at last.

Consciousness coaching aims to assist people during the 'awakening process' and its integration into daily life. If you recognize what I am talking about and you feel a need for support, you are most welcome.

"Find out who you are so that what you are not dissolves in the Light of Awareness" 

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