In 1999 I obtained my certificate as Coach at a training institute approved by the Dutch Association of Professional Coaches (NOBCO). In addition to the coach training, I followed, years later, a psychotherapeutic training. After working from a psychotherapeutic practice for a number of years, I felt in 2010 an urge for deepening, for inner liberation. From 2011, a profound transformation took place, a deep release process, from which I can now, in 2017, assist others. 

The inner development of recent years, which was/is very earthly (everything that life itself poses to challenges), has led to a shift from head to heart (love & wisdom). And what deepens more and more is: inner freedom, a deep sense of being at home in existence and gratitude.
During the past years, the path to inner liberation has certainly not been easy. Big challenges came on my way. For example, the death of one of our children in 2016. 
Of course this event brought a lot of grief, but it also showed me 'the state of affairs' of the years of spiritual growth: I experienced full acceptance of the death of our daughter; a natural force unfolded inside me from where I could support the other family members.

This process of surrender to what is, is deepening more and more.
I see/experience the perfection of existence: everything serves us..., also (or rather) suffering, everything in existence is aimed at bringing us home..., everything that comes on our way serves us... to discover Love and Wisdom, to come home to our Self. The key to happiness really lies in ourselves. That is what I have discovered. 

I am very grateful to the teachers who came my way, life itself, with all the challenges.
My mission: to assist others in a similar process (see the home page and the awareness coaching page for further information), because if something serves humanity, it is coming home to our Self, so that we can live Life from Love and Wisdom .

Live from Consciousness & Love, in Surrender with 'that which is'.

If awakening is also your path in life, know that you are always welcome for a consultation (by zoom or alive at my home in the Netherlands).

Know that I have written the necessary blogs, which may contribute to some understanding of the workings of the mind and the realization of the Self, which is also called awakening. Even though you will not often find me on my Facebook page or LinkedIn profile, sometimes I still post a blog. If you want to receive it, you can register and receive the blog via face book, LinkedIn or by email (for mail, see link at the bottom of this page).

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